SF - Top gainers: Gainers & Losers

The tool displays the growth/decline leaders for certain market data metrics

Widget location

To add the Top gainers tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Technical" section.

Widget functionality

Top gainers is a scanner that tracks various market data parameters for all assets traded on Binance Futures , sorts them and sends them to the user in the form of a table.

The visualization of the model has 2 color values:

  1. Green shows Top gainers.

  2. Red shows Top losers.

The widget uses a timeframe filter. The default filter value is 15m. This means that the tool will compare the current values of market data parameters with similar values 15 minutes ago. The following timeframes are available for selection:

  • 1m is one minute;

  • 5m is five minutes;

  • 15m - fifteen minutes;

  • 30m - thirty minutes;

  • 1h is one hour;

  • 1d is one day;

The user has the ability to select a parameter to sort the rise/fall leaders. The sorting window is located under the timeframe filter window. By default, the widget filters assets by price change. The user can make a selection from the following list of parameters:

  • PRICE CHANGE % - price change in percent;

  • VOLUME CHANGE % - changes in trading volume in percent;

  • VOLUME $ - traded volume in dollars;

  • OI CHANGE % - change in open interest in percent;

  • FUNDING CHANGE % - change of the financing rate in percent;

  • FUNDING % - the absolute value of the financing rate in percent.

Top gainers are filtered in descending order from greater to lesser, Top losers are filtered in ascending order from lesser to greater.

To the right of the parameter selection window for sorting there is a timer, which shows the remaining time until the next moment of mutual settlements on financing rate between LONG and SHORT traders.

The widget table has the following columns with data:

  1. Column for adding/removing the traded asset to/from the list(s) favorites

  2. SYMBOL - name of the ticker, for which the signal has come.

  3. P (Price) - the current price of the asset.

  4. P CHN (%) - price change for the selected time period.

  5. V (%) - change of the traded volume in percent for the selected time period.

  6. V ($) - change of the traded volume in dollars for the selected time period.

  7. V (Δ) - delta of the traded volume for the selected time period.

  8. OI (%) - change in open interest in percent for the selected period.

  9. F CHN (%) - change of financing rate in percent for the selected period.

  10. F (%) - absolute value of financing rate at the current moment.

Like all tools SpreadFighter, Top Gainers & Losers has the ability to sync with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific signal, all synchronized tabs will switch to the corresponding ticker.

How to use Top gainers: Gainers & Losers?

Top gainers allow you to quickly and easily find assets in the market that stand out in one way or another relative to the broad market and can be used to:

  • the creation of synthetic positions;

  • search for assets with maximum values funding rate to arbitrage the latter;

  • A comprehensive analysis of the volatility of the broad market;

  • search for assets "in play" by filtering by open interest and trading volume.

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