SF - Event calendar

The tool contains information about planned updates, announcements, releases, conferences and other events

Widget location

To add the "Event calendar" tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Santiment" section.

Tool functionality

The tool allows you to follow all important upcoming events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The widget can display:

  • updates;

  • announcements;

  • releases;

  • conferences

and other events that directly affect cryptocurrency prices and trends in general.

The user receives information about: the date of the event, the event title, the ticker of the asset to which the event relates. When you click on a title, a drop-down box displays a detailed description of the event as well as the source of the information.

The user has the ability to filter events by keyword. In this case, only events that contain the specified keyword will be displayed in the widget.

Like all tools SpreadFighter, Event calendar has the ability to synchronize with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific event, all synchronized tabs will switch to the corresponding ticker.

The widget has an adaptation for Chart pane in the form of markings along the bottom edge of the main chart. By pointing to the button with the letter N, the user can get detailed information about the past event.

Event calendar indicators are used in the calculation of indicators Social dominance and Social volume.

How do I use the Event calendar?

Major events often have quite an impact on prices and are the catalyst for spikes in volatility. This can be both an additional opportunity for profit and a source of risk.

With the help of Event calendar trader can more accurately plan his trading schedule, avoid unnecessary risks and find additional points of monetization of his trading strategy due to increased volatility.

The tool is fully revealed when used in conjunction with widget Crypto news.

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