SF - Top manipulations

The tool tracks Manipulation monitor indicators and sends signals for assets with the highest values

Widget location

To add the Top manipulations tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Microstructure" section.

Widget functionality

Top manipulations is a scanner that displays assets with the most manipulative activity in real time in descending order.

Assets with price manipulative activity are displayed on the left side of the widget, while volume activity is displayed on the right side.

The model visualization has 4 color values according to the model Manipulation Monitor.

The widget table has the following columns with data:

  1. Column for adding/removing the traded asset to/from the list(s) favorites

  2. SYMBOL - name of the ticker, for which the signal has come.

  3. ACTIVITY/V.ACTIVITY - value Manipulation Monitor for price/volume manipulations at the current moment.

In case of increased volatility on the market, a corresponding notification is displayed in the widget header.

Like all tools SpreadFighter, Top manipulations has the ability to synchronize with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific signal, all synchronized tabs will switch to the corresponding ticker.

Model description and application

Top manipulations is an auxiliary tool for Manipulation Monitor. A description of its model of operation can be found at.

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