SF - Pick Up

The tool non-trivially evaluates, captures and notifies market maker buybacks of the asset

Widget location

To add a "Pick Up" tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Microstructure" section.

Tool functionality

The Pick Up scanner allows to detect abnormal bursts of traded volumes, which signal high interest in the asset from the market maker.

The user receives information in the form of a pie chart as well as a list with assets for which Pick Up detected abnormal spikes.

In a pie chart, the tool displays the identified volume spike and displays the percentage of the day's average traded volume.

The user also receives information about the signals in the form of a structured table, which has the following columns with data:

  1. Column for adding/removing the traded asset to/from the list(s) favorites

  2. SYMBOL - name of the ticker, for which the signal has come.

  3. ACTIVITY is the manipulative activity for the tool. Model value Manipulation monitor for the futures contract for the traded asset at the moment of signal arrival.

  4. DELTA 5m - volume delta for the past 5 minutes.

  5. DELTA 15m - delta volume for the past 15 minutes.

  6. DELTA 30m - delta volume for the past 30 minutes.

  7. MARKET R % (Market ratio %) - value of the tool Market ration for the futures contract on the traded asset at the moment of signal arrival.

In case there are no actual signals for the Pick Up model, the widget illustrates this accordingly.

Like all tools SpreadFighter, Pick Up has the ability to sync with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific signal, all synchronized tabs will switch to the corresponding ticker.

Model Description

Pick Up determines the coins participants buy back when volatility spikes (market shedding).

The model is used to identify assets that have the highest probability of a strong rebound and reduced risk relative to other instruments.

Buyback volumes are measured as a percentage of ADTV (avarage day trade volume) relative to 24 hours in order to flexibly adapt to the different liquidity of each individual asset.

How do I apply Pick Up?

The tool allows to promptly obtain information about assets with abnormal volume accumulations, as well as increased interest on the part of large participants.

In this way traders can:

  • limit their risks in mean reversion strategies, thereby reducing equity volatility;

  • increase winrate momentum of strategies by finding the most favorable points for opening trades;

  • select coins in the investment portfolio with the highest growth potential by increasing the alpha coefficient α.

We recommend using the Pick Up tool together with Manipulation monitorto maximize its potential .

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