SF - Margin levels DOM

An order book that aggregates limit orders and predictive margin zones Margin levels

Widget location

To add the "Margin levels DOM" tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Microstructure" section.

Tool functionality

Margin levels DOM is a classic order book, in which we have added the levels of preemptive liquidations from the model Maring levels.

The visualization of the model has 3 color values:

  1. Limit orders for sale located above the current price (ask) are marked in red.

  2. Green color indicates limit buy orders located below the current price (bid).

  3. Aggregated orders of the model Maring levels at the specified price level are marked in blue. Orders above the current price are the projected margin levels for SHORT positions. Orders located below the current price are LONG positions.

The user receives the information in the form of a table. The volume of limit orders is located along the left border. In the center - volume of margin zones (the value is present only in the cells colored blue), along the right border - price level. All volumes are displayed in dollars, not in the quoted asset.

To switch between assets, you should click on the symbol name in the table header and select the token of interest. You can use the search bar for a quicker search.

In the upper right corner there is a tumbler compression setting window, which is used to scale the latter. The user can enter the desired numeric value manually or use the combination ALT + Scroll with the mouse wheel. The larger the compression value, the more rounded the price scale values and the larger the step, and vice versa.

![](../.gitbook/assets/Margin levels DOM.gif)

Margin levels DOM

Like all tools SpreadFighter, Margin Levels has the ability to synchronize with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific signal in one of the synchronized Margin levels panels, the DOM will switch to the corresponding ticker.

Model description and application

Margin levels DOM is an extended version of Margin levels and allows to estimate the ratio of limit and pending margin orders faster and easier.

For a description of the model of operation, please see at.

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