SF - Manipulation monitor

The model detects manipulative activity on the micro timeframe

Widget location

To add the "Manipulation monitor" tool to your workspace, first click on the "Widget menu" button in the platform header. Then click on the button of the same name in the "Microstructure" section.

Tool functionality

The Manipulation monitor tool is very easy to understand, as the evaluation of manipulative activity is reduced to a number and visualized in a familiar graphical form, which allows experienced traders to perform correlation evaluation to build their own strategies.

The widget gives the user 3 charts on a seconds timeframe.

The first chart is the change in price. The widget converts absolute values of the price of the considered asset into a percentage scale. The oldest value in the visible range is taken as the reference point.

The second chart is manipulative activity in the price of the asset.

The third chart is manipulative activity in the trading volume of the asset

The scales of the second and third graphs are summarized as percentages from 0% to 100%, where 0% corresponds to no manipulation and 100% corresponds to extreme manipulative activity. In turn, the within percentage scale also has its gradation depending on the importance of manipulative activity:

  • The 0.9% to 0.99% zone is conventionally called the INTRODUCTION phase, but may be noise. Denoted by the color turquoise.

  • The zone from 1% to 24.99% is considered the DEVELOPMENT phase and is indicated in green.

  • The zone from 25% to 74.99% is a kind of ACTION phase and is indicated by orange color.

  • The 75% to 100% zone is considered the CULMINATION phase and is indicated in red.

![![](../.gitbook/assets/image (213).png)

Graph of price manipulation activity


By clicking on the scale name, the user is able to customize the graphical display. Available for customization:

  • type, color and transparency of the graph (vertical histogram is accepted by default),

  • color and transparency of the manipulation activity zones.

![](../.gitbook/assets/manipulation monitor.gif)

Window for setting up graphical display of manipulative activity scales

Like all SpreadFighter tools, Manipulation monitor has the ability to synchronize with other tools marked with the same color. When you click on a specific signal in one of the synchronized panels, the Manipulatin monitor will switch to the corresponding ticker.

The model has an adaptation for Chart pane in the form of indicator.

Model Description

In today's cryptocurrency market, subtle manipulations are not always highly visible and are often imperceptible to the human eye. Large participants with direct influence on asset prices often hide their actions.

A high-tech advanced Manipulation Monitor model that utilizes a wide range of data to detect manipulative activity on the micro timeframe. The model has two values, formally we call them PRICE ACTIVITY and VOLUME ACTIVITY. Both values range from 0% to 100%.

This powerful tool is designed to detect most market manipulation in any coin. It does not predict price behavior, but it effectively evaluates the manipulative activity of algorithms.

Manipulation Monitor:

  1. highlights all actions that can potentially lead to significant price changes, while filtering out the unbalancing of stakes by market makers, as well as the activity of various arbitrageurs;

  2. eliminates the need for traders to manually monitor stakes, discorrelations between an individual asset and the overall conjecture;

  3. gives a clear and straightforward answer as to how pronounced the activity of high-frequency manipulative algorithms is, reducing the answer (like any good quantitative model) to a number.

How do I use the Manipulation monitor?

Manipulation monitor can make a trader's life much easier,

  1. Unambiguously and accurately informs the user about the presence of a participant in the asset, thus increasing the accuracy of intraday trading decisions.

  2. To some extent, it eliminates the need for parallel tracking of the dynamics of spot, futures of the traded instrument and index, which will positively affect the comfort of work, psycho-emotional and mental health of the trader.

  3. Saves medium and long-term investors from opening positions at unfavorable prices during pumping seasons.

  4. Allows analysts to distinguish organic asset growth from manipulation.

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