About the SpreadFighter team

What is our team

SpreadFighter started as a small group of traders united by the idea of finding an edge in the market.

Over time, our team has grown to a small prop trading company in the field of statistical arbitrage and basket trading. First manual and then algorithmic.

Along the way, we have attracted like-minded individuals who are experts in professional trading, machine learning, quantitative analysis, research and development.

Together, we work hard every day to give traders a market advantage. Our team's collective experience and commitment to innovation has allowed us to develop a number of new models and tools designed to help traders succeed in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading.

We use the most advanced quantitative models to find trading opportunities. To implement strategies working with synthetic assets, a unique server-software infrastructure for high-loaded computing and trading systems and services has been created.

Our team is the company's most important asset. It consists of specialists with diverse and unique trading experience on both the buy side and sell side of the industry.

Our activity can be characterized as providing various services in the field of cryptocurrency trading to both professional and retail traders:

  • analytical and research work, development and algorithmization of trading strategies;

  • software development for retail and institutional investors;

  • provision of related IT services; Consulting, educational and media activities.

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