Authorization in SpreadFighter via MetaMask

The SpreadFighter platform runs on MetaMask. The article details how to properly register, transfer funds and pay for a subscription

Registration in MetaMask

MetaMask is an application and browser extension that is a cryptocurrency wallet connected to the Ethereum network. If you already have MetaMask, you can go straight to "Purchase a Subscription". Platforms SpreadFighter also supports other wallets (if you are not using MetaMask, then with a high probability you know what you need to do yourself, and you can go to section "Purchasing a subscription"). This extension can be downloaded from the official MetaMask website. Go to MetaMask download page, select the platform you are using and follow the installation instructions.

After registering and installing MetaMask , click "Create Wallet" to create a wallet.

On the next page, confirm that you have recorded seed-phrase.

Wallet setup

You may immediately notice that we are still dealing with a wallet on the Ethereum network. At best, it will not work with decentralized applications (DApps) on the Binance Smart Chain, which is SpreadFighter. In the worst case scenario, you could lose funds by sending them to the wrong addresses that you actually use. To make the Binance Smart Chain available for your wallet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top corner of the screen.

  2. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Go to the Networks section.

  4. Click "Add Network" in the upper right corner to add the Polygon (Matic) network manually - it is not connected in MetaMask by default, or select from the list by checking the checkbox.

Polygon Mainnet data

![](../.gitbook/assets/Инструкция по настройке сети.gif)

Adding Polygon Mainnet

Once filled in, click the "Save" button. Congratulations, you have added Polygon Network to your Metamask. To switch between networks, click on its name at the top of the wallet, then select the desired network.

WARNING! The POLIGON network also, like the ETH network, requires you to have your own cryptocurrency on your wallet to pay transaction fees, swaps and confirm other transactions. Therefore, the POLIGON network requires you to top up MATIC with a transfer to your wallet via POLIGON.[^2]

Ways to replenish your wallet

You can refill your wallet with cryptocurrency in several ways:

  • buy cryptocurrency on exchange Binance (recommended);

  • to transfer from another wallet;

  • to purchase cryptocurrency from an exchanger.

Deposit from Binance

Authorize at Binance exchange, go to the "Wallet" tab in the upper right corner of the screen and select section FIAT and SPOT.

We click on the "Withdraw" button opposite the MATIC cryptocurrency.

Transfer to your wallet MetaMask, copy the address of the wallet and in the "Address" column specify the number of your copied wallet MetaMask.

In the network column, specify the MATIC (Polygon) network, select the amount of cryptocurrency and click withdrawal.

In a couple minutes, the cryptocurrency will arrive in your wallet and the Polygon network will become active. Repeat the same output for USDT cryptocurrency, which will be used to pay for the subscription.

Don't forget to select the Polygon network to output!

Subscription purchase

The SpreadFighter platform is distributed using non-interchangeable NFT tokens. To get an NFT that will allow you to connect to the service, go to your dealer's link and select the rate you want.

If you choose the PRO plan you get 2 months free, so the subscription cost will be $333 per month. You can familiarize yourself with the differences between the tariff plans by scrolling down the page below.

After selecting, we get to the payment page, and do the following operations:

  1. Click on the icon Metamask.

  2. Sign the connection to the service.

  3. Select subscription.

  4. Click next.

  5. Enter your wallet to which NFT should be received, and click next.

  6. Choose a payment method (currently cryptocurrency payment is available).

  7. Click pay and sign the post at MetaMask.

  8. Get NFT at MetaMask.

  9. Authorize using application (or browser extension) MetaMask.

![](../.gitbook/assets/Авторизация на платформе.gif)

Subscription payment and authorization on [platform SpreadFighter](


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