SF - Z-Score

Z-Score of asset price estimates

A standardized score (Z-Score) is a measure of the relative spread of an observed or measured value that shows how many standard deviations make up its spread of the relative mean.

The Z-Score indicator is an oscillator that shows how much the price has deviated from its average value in standard deviations. Values greater than zero are colored green, values less than zero are colored red. A horizontal channel with the possibility to customize its boundary values has also been added for ease of perception.

The indicator has the following parameters for customization:

  • Type of moving average for baseline construction. The available options are SMA, EMA, WMA, VWMA, LSMA. The default is SMA.

  • Moving average period. The default is 240.

  • Number of standard deviations. The default is 3. The parameter is used to draw the borders of the horizontal channel.

The user has the ability to customize the graphical display of the indicator. Available for customization:

  • color, transparency and display type of horizontal lines;

  • color and transparency and type of oscillator values display area.

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