SF - Open interest

Amount of open contracts on the futures contract

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Open Interest - the sum of open contracts on a futures contract. Each contract opened in long position corresponds to a contract opened in short position.

The indicator is a candlestick chart in which the open, high, low and close values take the corresponding open interest values.

The user has the ability to change the values of the following parameters:

  • How to calculate open interest? - choose the method of calculation: either in contracts (in the quoted asset) or in dollars;

  • Moving average typeline - type of moving average calculated for PMDI. Can take the following values: "SMA" (simple moving average), "EMA" (exponential moving average), "WMA" (weighted moving average), "VWMA" (volume weighted moving average), "LSMA" (linear regression moving average);

  • Length - period of moving average and trend channel;

  • Show metrics? - button to activate the display of the trend channel and moving average of the open interest;

  • Channel type - type of trend channel. Two options are available - Extremum (based on supertrend channel) and Bolinger bands (based on Bollinger bands indicator).

In the graphics customization window, the user can select:

  • color and transparency of candles (by default, rising candles are green, falling candles are red, transparency = 0%);

  • color, transparency and method of displaying the moving average (white opaque line by default);

  • color, transparency and method of displaying the trend channel (white opaque line by default).

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