Indicates the intensity with which money is invested in or withdrawn from a security

MFI is a classic tool for measuring the speed of price movement. The difference between the version from SpreadFighter is that the user can independently select the source of data for calculating the indicator.

MFI represents an oscillator. A horizontal channel with the possibility to customize its boundary values has also been added for ease of perception.

The indicator has the following parameters for customization:

  • The source of data for calculation is trading volume, open interest;

  • Oscillator length.

The user has the ability to customize the graphical display of the indicator. Available for customization:

  • color, transparency, and oscillator lines;

  • color, transparency and type of the upper channel boundary line;

  • color, transparency and type of the center line of the channel;

  • color, transparency and type of the lower channel boundary line;

  • color and transparency of the channel background.

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