SF - Bollinger bands

Advanced version of Bollinger channel

Revised version of the classic technical analysis indicator. The user now has the ability to choose between different types of baselines.

Bollinger band is a moving average around which a channel is built with standard deviations.

The indicator has the following parameters for customization:

  • Type of moving average for baseline construction. The available options are SMA, EMA, WMA, VWMA, LSMA. The default is SMA.

  • Moving average period. The default is 240.

  • Number of standard deviations. The default is 2.

The user has the ability to customize the graphical display of the indicator. Available for customization:

  • color, transparency, and display type of the baseline;

  • color, transparency and display type of the upper channel boundary;

  • color, transparency and display type of the lower channel border;

  • color and transparency of the channel background.

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